Sunday, July 9, 2017

Twin Angel Break

In Twin Angel Break, Mary wants nothing more than to see her beloved one more time. To accomplish this task, she dresses like a sexy ant and scuttles her way around a middle school parading as a nurse while picking on children and making them cry. Her comrade-in-arms, Billy Genius, overhears of this plan and decides to go along with it, because he really likes middle schoolers. He accidentally falls in love with a crossdressing boy and, through a series of coincidences, ends up marrying crossdresser in Japan's first ever gay marriage. Twin Angel eventually shows up and puts a stop to Mary's scheme (and say mazel tov over the marriage of their gender-bending friend). Mary commits suicide after learning she'll never see her beau again. Also there were some robots in there too. The show never did answer the one burning question: Why are they called Twin Angel when there's five of them?