Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Great Passage

The Great Passage is about a bunch of boring people doing the most boring thing in the world: Making a dictionary. The main character's biggest hobby (other than making a dictionary) is staring at people taking the escalator. He eventually falls in love with his land lady's granddaughter for no reason other than "she lives in the same building." After writing a 10 page love letter (half in Chinese) they decide to get married. I guess even though the woman knew she was way better and way more interesting than him she decided to settle because the dating scene was too hard. The eye-catch of each episode is a bunch of dictionaries talking to the audience. It completely destroys the mood and adds nothing to the show. Apparently dictionaries across the Pacific all have names and different words in them unlike ours which are all just called "The Dictionary" and simply have all the words in them.